Learner centered instruction

Nowadays everything has changed since technology until education. Moreover, in the past, people used to think that the unique way of learning was to be on the chair looking at the teacher, now this judgement is totally different because new approaches are appearing in this new age. For example a new model of learning is the LEARNER CENTERED'which the teacher role is to engage students to learn by their own by incorporating student’s needs and skills into the learning proccess. In addition, to make this work, there are  four principles:

Principle number one is ”learning is personalized” it occurs when teacher knows very well the students and has a good relationship with them. In this case teachers knows the activity and the learning style they have to fix the activity they need. Furthermore, principle number two is ”competency-based” it means the information students have got during the learning proccess. In addition, principle number three is ”learning happens anytime, anywhere” it means that learning not only happens in the class, so they continue learning in the daily life and put in practice what they saw in the class with the new experiences they have in life. Finally, principle number four is ” students take ownership” students have the main role  in this proccess, so do not make a decision without them because they are the only ones who have the role to success in the proccess.