1. What is learned center approach? This interesting and new method of teaching involves that each teacger help students to be part of their knownlege, it can reflect the real goal of learning because students will be able to resove problems, create new ones and resolve them.
  2. What is th emain role of the teacher? Teacher´s roles changes, definitely the students makes their own role so that teachers help students to have the control of their learning process. Indeed, students will be able to create, resolve and discover new skills, that is real learning.
  3. Four keys of student center learning.

a. Collaboarive learning.- Students associate their own experiences in order to built up learning. Group work helps to resolve problems and faced them.

b. Competency is set on learning helps the learning process because it focsues in their background. Curiosiity and motivation are really important to practice and know real interests and needs.

c. ·         Students take ownership. Every students should have the chance to archieve goals and be confidente about what they like or need. Teachers are guides that have the challengue to discovered how to be successful in the process.

d.  Learning happens anytime and anywhere: Human beings is able to learn everyday so that encourage studnts abilities is the best way to build up knowndelge.