Alexandra Herrera


Three reasons learner centered instruction is important for the EFL curriculum.

1.       It develops a coherent and meaningful knowledge in students.

2.       It promotes an intentional process of structuring meaning from information and experience.

3.       It develops a thinking about thinking skill.

What is the role of the teacher in learner centered instruction.

It is guide a facilitate the learning process based on the participation and experience of the students.

Name the 4 key principles of learner centered instruction.

1.       Cognitive and metacognitive factors

2.       Developmental and social factors

3.       Motivational and affective factors

4.       Individual difference factors

Write two ways in which you can involve your students in the learning process

1.       Group work projects

2.       Group work experiments

Name 2 advantages of learner centered instruction.

1.       Students develop a thinking mind

2.       Students learn to do activities by themselves so that they build their own knowledge

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