Learner Centered Instruction:

a.    What is learner centered instruction (LCI)?

It is a process where students are the focus of the learning process and as teachers we have to guide them through, making sure that we involve them in the teaching process by choosing methodology that will resemble the one they have used to learn their first language

b. What is the main role of the teacher in LCI?

The main role of the teacher is as a facilitator of students learning process, motivating students so they gain confidence to use and apply what they are learning.

c. Explain the 4 key principles of student centered learning.

1. Learning is personalized, as teachers we need to know our students and how we can reach them.

2. Learning is competency-based: this relates to students’ abilities, skills responding their needs for the real life.

3. Learning happens anytime anywhere. Not just in the classroom it goes further.

4. Students take ownership, we have to be aware that the learning process should be meaningful to them so they take part actively in the learning process.