What is Learner Center Instruction? It focuses on and responds to students strengths and needs and gfacilitates the process of learning by supporting learner's motivation for and engagement with learning. The use of appropriate instructional strategies leads to create motivated and independen learners.

What is the main role of the tecaher in LCI? The main role of the teacher is to facilitate studedent's learning taking into account their pupils interests and learnings styles. Teachers must foster the appropriate environment for active and cooperative learning, where students are able to find solutions to different problems.

Explain the four key principles of students centered learning.

  1. Personalized learning occurs when teachers build a strong relationship with their students and become aware of the progress of each individual.
  2. Learning is competency-based when students are able to master the information and skills necessary for their development and not just for completing a curriculum.
  3. Learning happens anytime, anywhere, that means that learning occurs when students are allowed to manipulate material, make discoveries about themselves and their environment outside the traditional classroom walls.
  4. Students take ownership when they are responsiblefor their onw learning being engaged with the attainment of their goals.