1.      What is learner centered instruction (LCI)?

Learner centered instruction is a model of learning. It’s designed to fit the needs of students, strengthening his abilities and working towards more efficiency. This model of learning gives the same opportunities to all students helping them to excel by incorporating student’s skills and interest into the learning process making them responsible in the construction of their future.

2.      What is the main role of the teacher in LCI?

Obviously in this way of learning, the role of the teacher changes to that of being a guide, a facilitator.

3.      Explain the 4 key principles of student centered learning.

1. Learning is personalized: Here teachers know their students and this is done by having a good relationship with them.

2. Learning is competency- based: It involves the skills the students have mastered not the amount of knowledge he has gained. This permits students to learn at their own pace and teacher respond to students individual needs.

3. Learning happens anytime and anywhere: Leaning is done inside and outside of the classroom and continues through out life.

4. Students take ownership: Involve students in the learning process which means they are the main actors in the process this makes learning meaningful and lasting.