What is student-centered instruction (LCI)?

The student-centered instruction considers the individuality of students in the learning process. It is often used to describe efforts to "move away from traditional teaching methods based on mass transfer of knowledge it is to develop in students autonomy, self-direction and self-regulation.

What is the main role of the teacher in LCI?

The teacher's role is to promote learning by facilitating the acquisition of knowledge in various ways, based on what students need but giving them the freedom to catch up or get in the way that seems most appropriate.

Explains the 4 fundamental principles of student-centered learning.

The teachers Learning.- provides tools to inspire students teachers help students find what they like and want to know and what their strengths and needs to understand the reality of student support their basic learning needs and capabilities existing

Competency.- learning to develop the skills necessary for proper development in society. It is very important that teachers have access to appropriate educational resources, which can be adapted to the different educational needs of students.

Learning never stops.- The study is natural, active and constant; It is constant, inside and outside the classroom.

Ownership.- student is important that teachers make decisions for students because they play a key role in their learning to their success